Friday, June 29, 2007

add svn repository

1. add one svn user and group

$ useradd svn -c "SVN Owner" -s /bin/false
(-c comment, -s shell , here no shell access)

2. If we want more than one repository then add group for each one.

$ groupadd reposgp
$ usermod -G reposgp svn
(Add this group to svn user/group)

3. Create a Subversion repository

We are creating it at /var ; svn will be the folder containing all repos
$ install -v -m 0755 -o svn -g svn -d /var/svn
$ svnadmin create --fs-type fsfs /var/svn/repos

(Here 'repos' will be our repos)

Now we can import some files/dir to the repos

$ svn import -m "Initial import." /path/to/source/tree

Now change owner and group information on the repository, and add
an unprivileged user to the svn and reposgp groups:

$ chown -R svn:odotgp /var/svn/repos
$ chmod -R g+w /var/svn/repos
$ chmod g+s /var/svn/repos/db
$ usermod -G svn,repsogp sanjay

(here sanjay is already a user in the system)

We can verify the existing groups of user with the commands

$ groups sanjay

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