Monday, April 23, 2007

Install Alfresco from the Source Code in Fedoras

1. Install Java 1.5x
If you dont have the java downlaod it from

2. Install Tomcat 5.2x
Take tomcat 5 from

3. Install Ant 1.6x
Download latest Ant from

4. Set these Environment Variables: In Redhat/Fedora linux these vales can be
set in .bash_profile file
(For virtual tomcat you need to install one more tomcat 5.2x)

5. Checkout Source Code from here:
$svn co svn://
$cd HEAD/root/projects/installer/HEAD
(delete 3 files custom*)

6. $cd HEAD/root/
ant build-tomcat
This will create one alfresco.war file and copy it to the

7. copy mysql-java connector jar file form
to TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib

8. Create one alfresco database and grant all to alfresco user
Connect to mysql as root
mysql>create database alfresco;
mysql>grant all on alfresco.* to alfresco@localhost identified by 'alfresco';
mysql>grant all on alfresco.* to alfresco@localhost.localdomain identified by 'alfresco';

9. As default memory (heap size) allocated by tomcat for java is less than required to run the alfresco sp increase the heap size.Edit the tomcat/ file and make

$_RUNJAVA.... line like this

10. Start Tomcat
$./ run &

11. Point Browser to:

Friday, April 20, 2007

Change sugarCRM password from backend

If you forget your sugar admin password then dont be panic.
Can reset it from the mysql backend.

Connect to your sugar mysql database and execute this query:

For sugar version < style="font-family:verdana;">
update users set user_password=MD5('NewPass') where user_name='admin';

For sugar version >= 45
update users set user_hash=MD5('NewPass') where user_name='admin';

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Install Java on Linux Machine

Download the latest JDK from
Select to download for Linux machine

This is a binary file so execute this file.

$ cd /usr
$ ./jdk-xxx.x-linux-i586.bin

Edit your bash profile file to set the Java home.

$vi .bash_profile
Add/edit these lines

export JAVA_HOME

#Save and Exit from the vi

$source .bash_profile

Check the java version
$ java -version

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