Monday, April 23, 2007

Install Alfresco from the Source Code in Fedoras

1. Install Java 1.5x
If you dont have the java downlaod it from

2. Install Tomcat 5.2x
Take tomcat 5 from

3. Install Ant 1.6x
Download latest Ant from

4. Set these Environment Variables: In Redhat/Fedora linux these vales can be
set in .bash_profile file
(For virtual tomcat you need to install one more tomcat 5.2x)

5. Checkout Source Code from here:
$svn co svn://
$cd HEAD/root/projects/installer/HEAD
(delete 3 files custom*)

6. $cd HEAD/root/
ant build-tomcat
This will create one alfresco.war file and copy it to the

7. copy mysql-java connector jar file form
to TOMCAT_HOME/common/lib

8. Create one alfresco database and grant all to alfresco user
Connect to mysql as root
mysql>create database alfresco;
mysql>grant all on alfresco.* to alfresco@localhost identified by 'alfresco';
mysql>grant all on alfresco.* to alfresco@localhost.localdomain identified by 'alfresco';

9. As default memory (heap size) allocated by tomcat for java is less than required to run the alfresco sp increase the heap size.Edit the tomcat/ file and make

$_RUNJAVA.... line like this

10. Start Tomcat
$./ run &

11. Point Browser to:

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