Friday, February 1, 2008

Solunas: The hotel management system

Solunas is a Hotel Booking Engine Software written in RoR.

There are 2 separate parts of the whole application.
a) Backend: Solunas server for the admin of the property.
Its features are:
Manage your Properties / Rooms,
Manage the very flexible price system - Minimum stay / weekday match / etc

b) Frontend:A component integrated on Joomla for the end users.
Its features are:
Show availability calendars
Cart function to add multiple bookings

Installation( Applicable on Linux, tested on Fedora 7)
I am assuming your machine has MySQL, Apache, Ruby and Rails installed.

Download the solunas from sourceforge

Extract it some where like /home/sanjay

Create one blank database on mysql.

There is one sql file solunas.sql inside solunas/db folder, dump this file against the mysql database created for solunas.

Check your ruby version:

$ rails -v

Then change the environment.rb file (inside config folder)

Also change the database.yml file:
adapter: mysql
database: solunas
username: db_user
password: db_pass
host: localhost

Start the webrick server.

$ cd /home/sanjay/solunas
$ ruby script/server

Point your browser at:
Login as user 'marc' and password 'isemann'
And start managing your hotel.


ringo said...

Hello, man..
is there any way to use it online?
i can't get username and password from!

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