Thursday, August 30, 2007

Connecting Bluetooth devices

Tested on FC7 running on Compaq Presario and Nokia-N73 and Sony w300i

Start the bluetooth device like mobile phone having bluetooth support.
Oviously device should have in-front of the Laptop.

Start the Bluetooth service on FC7.
System => Administration => Server Settings => Services => Bluetooth
Turn on the Wireless on FC7

Run the Bluetooth File Sharing
Applications => System Tools => Bluetooth File Sharing

To check whether FC7 is able to scan the mobile devices
Run at terminal:

$ hcitool scan

It will display the mobile name.

Now open the file browser to send file to mobile.

Right click on file => Send to => Bluetooth => Select the mobile name

In the Mobile it will ask for confirmation, click yes to accept the file from computer.

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